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Web Programming is a blast!


Learning to code is a mind-blowing experience!

We are a team of brave students with a crazy teacher exploring the coding multiverse!

It's not magic...

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Check out the sort of things you can do with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, not to mention PHP. Although it looks like sorcery, it's's harnessing the power of coding, detective work, the DOM and lots of (mostly) free resources!

While it is a Safari...

...our site is best experienced in Chrome. Mobile users, especially take note: if you use a browser other than Google Chrome, some of the features may not work as promised. We do our best to support all browsers, but hey: novices have their limitations, right?

If you're an iPhone user, we recommend you get Chrome for iOS and set it as your default browser in Settings. You'll be glad you did.

Wanna start learning now?

Look at the bulletted-list in the red section above. Those are hyperlinks that take you to sections in a beloved site, W3Schools which is one of the first places we go when we have questions about web technologies.

We attempt to model educationally sound principles of web design here at the labs and we hope you can use our site as a trustworthy example of how to do things reasonably correctly.

A sampling of JavaScript apps

Just a sampling shown here; there's more at JS Apps.

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Strip CSS Styles
DOM Targeting
Future App Goodness
Future App Goodness
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Wait! There's more...

The apps you see above merely show JavaScript in action on this page or on elements in this page. Heck, have you even seen the entire apps we have based on JavaScript functionality?!

Why don't you explore them?

Do you like graphics? Our spiffy graphics sandbox is being upgraded with a fresh graphics library and new entries. Additionally, we are harnessing the power of Processing to write JavaScript-based apps that make animation a breeze. Check them out!

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There are 'Server-Side' Apps in PHP Too!

Yes, we have PHP-Based apps as well. Some of them even incorporate JavaScript for a full-throttle experience. While you can't readily see the source code for those apps (unlike those written in JavaScript), we often attach 'code snippets' to illustrate important concepts to assist you in your study of PHP.

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Keep up to date... checking our our News section: there we keep a reverse-chronological list of all the stuff that is going on. Many of our apps are written from a saga-based evolutionary perspective, so you can watch them grow from infancy to (almost) full maturity. For novices, we are actually pretty prolific!