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Life in the fast lane at TNT

Ramping up our Efforts with PHP and JavaScript

Detour Alert!

You were attempting to go to the Testing Sessions app when you were rudely detoured.

A setting on that app required that a 'general session' be started before that app could be loaded.

Use the General Session app below and start a general session, then you can engage Testing Sessions.

To encourage certain 'traffic flows' at TNT, we are using PHP 'sessions' to direct certain activities.

General TNT visitors can start or stop a 'General Session' by using the app below. Our Testing Sessions JS app was created to show how traffic flow is directed using session variables. Other apps in the future may also require that a general session be in play.

Learn more about PHP sesssions...

As a security measure, if a TNT guest starts a general session, that session is ended if the browser window is closed.

Learn more about sessions at W3Schools!

Last update: 10/03/19

Special Opps Apps

General Session
Jedi Session