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Mumbo Jumbo?


The human brain is amazing. It has the ability to search for and identify patterns with just the subtlest of clues.

This app takes your input and jumbles the middle of each word when possible, preserving case and punctuation.

Enter your own 'story' into the text area and the app will 'jumble' it. See if it is still recognizable to you!

This phenomenon has captured the imagination of the web, and you can read more about it here.

For your convenience, you can copy and paste other material into the text area. A great story is the 'True Story' of the 'Three Little Pigs' by Jon Scieszka.Read it or Listen to it if you'd like some story time!

Note: This program was actually written many years ago in Java, and then, more recently, in Python3, which was BY FAR, the easiest environment in which to code it! See the source code!

Last update: 09/28/19

What's your story?