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Maze Solving Sagamaze

Ah-Maze-ing Recursion!

About the saga...

Some problems must be tackled by trial and error. There may also be multiple solutions....or no solution at all!

When it comes to these types of problems, computer science offers a solution methodology: recursion.


Yeah...weird word. Generally speaking it is a situation where a function calls itself. It's great when we are exploring multiple possibilities when there's no clear route for blazing a solution trail. Like when solving mazes!

You can learn more about recursion at our fact sheet.

Last update: 12/23/19

Current Development Stages:

Stage 1: Maze Solver

We encourage our guests (much to our chagrin) to practice 'code vandalism': attempt to 'break' the code to see how robust the design is.

In the previous stage, if a guest creates a maze by clicking the associated button, and then immediately presses that button again, mayhem can occur.

This stage addresses that scenario, and also provides a Delete Maze button.

Stage 0: (Slightly) Adapted Maze Solver

By now you realize that JavaScript programs, once they are online, are pretty much open source and can be 'borrowed' and adapted by other developers.

This stage takes Paulo's code (mentioned below) and weaves it into the TNT fabric, especially with respect to making it responsive.

Original Maze Solver

A simple Google search on recursive maze solutions led us to this really cool site that inspired this current saga.

I assume that Paulo Jorente is the author of this code, and he did a great job animating the computer's efforts to make and solve a maze recursively.