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Pet Rockrock

I-Rock, Do You Rock?!

About the app

This application uses a web-based language called JavaScript to allow a user to interact with the little rock image below.

JavaScript can not only do number crunching, but more importantly, it can influence a web page's operation. It can modify objects within the web page and change the content of the page dynamically.

However, JavaScript can be disabled by a user which may paralyze a page's performance.

Experiment with this page and try disconnecting JavaScript, disabling cookies, and loading the page on different browsers. Don't forget to mess with the CSS styling as well!

You can learn a lot from a dumb rock.

Note: For a practical use of cookie storage, as well as other persistent data storage such as JSON, check out our Sorting Saga: cookies and JSON are used to store our data sets for storing arrays.


Hello, I am your pet rock!
Click me to interact!