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Sorting Sagasort

Order!, Order!

About the saga...

Putting things in order is a big deal in computer science. There are many ways to 'sort' information and it's weird that some techniques are better than others depending on the nature of what is being sorted.

Because it can be a complicated process, it's nice if we can visualize it. That's where this app comes in.

Sorting Saga offers a graphical perspective of what is going on behind the scenes when we put things in order.

What are those sorting algorithms again?

Load up our sorting algorithm fact sheet to learn more about how certain sorting routines do their thing. We will be adding to it as we improve the app, so keep on the lookout!

Last update: 01/09/19

Current Development Stages:

Stage 4: SuperSorter - Early January 2020

Happy New Year! Supersort-S4 includes an additional sorting algorithm, Mergesort, courtesy of coding wizard, K. Dance.

Stage 3: SuperSorter

Supersort-S3 includes a few modest upgrades, mainly in the user-interface.

Stage 2: SuperSorter

Supersort-S2 implements a couple of sorting algorithms, and outputs the elapsed sorting time underneath the graph.

Because this stage required some substantial script renovations, the driving scripts for this stage are included within this app folder, rather than in the general sorting app saga folder.

Stage 1: SuperSorter

Supersort-S1 includes an interface to 'sort' a StarField after it is designed.

We added a few additional functionalities to the StarField Design as well.

If you inspect the console in Chrome, you will note that the sorting buttons are 'wired up' but they are not functional. We just wanted to work on the interface in this stage. Hopefully, the next stage will get us sorting.

Stage 0: StarField Design

To visualize the sorting process, we will create a 'StarField': a collection of dots on a canvas that will be sorted according to their y-coordinate values.

This development stage focuses on creating the StarField.