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Password Peek-A-Boospy

And a little strip-tease too!


Don't hack off your users...

That's our motto. Don't you hate it when you can't see your password while entering it, even if prying eyes are not around?

This app offers the ability to hide or show your password field at the click of a button!

Equally annoying to not being able to see your password on demand: spaces in text fields can't be readily seen and can hamper login efforts.

Our handy app also 'strips' any spaces and replaces them with a dash(-) and alerts you to the replacement.

ALSO! Now, you can hit 'return' on the keyboard and the form will be submitted!

Enchant your users with simple coding magic that makes their work easier and seamless. You will be like their fairy god-parent. It'll do magic, believe it or not....

Last update: 09/06/19

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